European BBQ Contests in April

After an almost traditional early start for European BBQ in the north of Italy, we had a new contest in the Netherlands as the second European contest this year.

Italy was as always an adventure, the snow and the freezing cold make this event unique, it also brings the people closer together when they conquer the extreme wether conditions on this contest.

The Netherlands was a first but very well organized contest at an incredible venue. The Happy Hour brought the people at this contest together and the dishwasher line was an introduction that the teams like to see more.
A short impression

April the 4th month of the year will bring us the next 3 contest in line.

Smoke by the River, Switzerland

Barbecue Bulls Championship 2016, Austria

Baseball & BBQ Cook-off, the Netherlands

The Contests in Austria and the Netherlands will be in the same weekend as the first double this year.
The double contests in a weekend give the teams the possibility to choose for a contest closer to home or to their heart, which is a luxury we will have a few times this year.

We hope you find a contest to your liking, do well, have fun and meet a lot of (new) BBQ friends.


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