Can a Team member Judge.


Can a team member judge.
We always advise a team to become CBJ’s so they can be involved in BBQ even when they are not competing.
This is also a great way to see other team entries, taste them and even better….. get to know what the judges on your table think about them.

Also experiencing how dedicated the Judges are and how professional the judging tent is run, will give you a great insight and confidence for the future.

Because of this recommendation we received a very good question about this.

Can a Regular team member judge when the team is competing the same contest?

Ask yourself,
Is the person wanting to judge a regular member of the team that usually cooks with the team, but instead applies to judge at this contest, where the team is also competing? (and the “judge” followed the rules about leaving the team the night before.)

The Answer,
No, a regular member of a team should NOT be seated as a judge or work at a contest where their team is competing.
Work as a volunteer or table captain is also not allowed at the same contest as your team is competing.

Do you want to be a Volunteer when your team is cooking, Don’t think so…. but if the team is not able to enter a competition and you have the opportunity to go, Judging is the next best thing for a cook.

Hope this helps,
We hope you will enjoy both sides.

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