EBCC Sponsor News!

The EBCC thanks the sponsors which prolonged the support of the European BBQ Championships for 2016.

Thank you,


We are very happy to announce our new sponsor, BBQ Gourmet from the UK

BBQ Gourmet in a nutshell,

BBQ Gourmet is dedicated to spreading awareness of real BBQ throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. As part of this effort, we import and supply the UK and Europe with the best competition-winning BBQ rubs, sauces, injections & specialist accessories from the United States and around the world.
With over 440 products, we have something for all tastes.

Find out more at www.bbqgourmet.co.uk or email us at info@bbqgourmet.co.uk .

Do you also want to support the EBCC, European BBQ Championships? Check our sponsor packages on this website or send us an Email for more information.