European 180 Scores


European 180 scores.

The total of 180 pins for the 4 meat categories handed out to European Teams at this moment is 4.

2015 wasn’t a great year for perfect scores in Europe.
Non of the European teams realized a 180 score in one of the four Meat categories, at a European contest that year.

This is sad but it shows how difficult it is to achieve a perfect score, so when you earned a 180 pin, wear it proud!
A team that received the 180 pin really achieved something.

2016 has already one team that received a 180 pin.
We congratulate BBQ Team “Gecko BBQ” with there 180 score in Switzerland, Smoke by the River.

How many 180 scores will follow this year?
Because the quality of BBQ offered to the Judges is definitely rising, so is the Quality of the Judges.
This weekend at the fifth “Tony Stone low and slow BBQ competition” we came really close,  Serrial Grillaz won the PORK category with 179.4400 points, so close!

What to think about the finish in Chicken.
The winner of the Chicken Category is Rubmaster BBQ team with 177.7028 points
Second in Chicken is De Vliegende Hollander bbq-team with 177.2000 points, this is a difference of 0.5028 thats all.
The teams are getting closer and closer.

And then Brisket,
De Vliegende Hollander bbq-team won this category with 175.4056 points, but what about the numbers two,three and four.
They all were in the 173 points, the difference is after the comma, what a close competition we have.
Smoke,n,Fire BBQ Team are second with 173.7028 points.
BBQ TEAM LAURENTIUS claimed the third place with 173.1316 points.
The forth place is for HAMMER & TONGS with 173.1200 points.

It’s only fair to say that the amount of contests today, not only serves the teams with feedback but give judge also to opportunity to practice their duty more and learn from each other at the table. 

It’s a privilege to see how Low and slow Competition BBQ is growing to an adult status in Europe.

We hope to see you soon, out there in the smoke!
M & M