European Club of 700 Winners

The 700+ Teams are the Best of the Best in Competition BBQ.

They managed to score a remarkable high score of 700+ points overall. 

Team Contest Location Country Score Date
MISS PIGGY'S U.K. Smoke in the North Gunnilse/Gothenburg Sweden 704.5944 08/01/15
GRILLKUNST Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival Schliengen Germany 702.8344 07/24/16
iQ Farm Meat "De Vaatse Hoeve" BBQ Dongen the Netherlands 707.4516 09/10/16
iQ BBQ Society Cook-off Hoofddorp the Netherlands 701.0972 10/09/16
Bros Hog Cookin' the Camarque Saint-Maries de la Mer France 701.1772 06/25/17