EBCC Rankings after Bohemian BBQ

EBCC Rankings after Bohemian BBQ

The scores are in and the rankings are in motion.
This is good to watch.


The first place stays in the hand of BBQ Longhorn Ranch hands, their scores were high enough to stay in that position without improving there recent scores.
Miss Piggy’s improve their chicken scores with one point but stay on the second place.
Southern Dutch climb up the rankings with 3 places, another climber in the Chicken rankings is BBQ Wiesel they climbed the chicken rankings with 7 places.

Pork Ribs

The Rib Rankings, Bunch of Swines stay on the first place.
BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hand improve their scores with 1 point but that was not enough to keep the second place in Ribs. That place goes to Miss Piggy’s with just a difference of 0,6 points……. so close is it!

Pork Shoulder

The first two places are still the same after this contest, the third place is now taken by BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands.
They were just 0.1 points behind but improved there scores with six points and put Bohemian Backyard Barbecue behind on the fourth place.

Yes Bohemian Backyard Barbecue is the organizing Team of Clint and Eva Meyer, Thank you for putting this contest together.

Beef Brisket

In this category is a lot going on.
Gecko BBQ did there second competition and went from a 72nd place to the 37th place….. what will happen when they enter the scores of their third contest.
BBQ Wiesel did well and moved up the rankings from a 17th into the top 10, together with Southern Dutch BBQ.
They came from a 28th place also into the top 10 rankings.

This means that the overall rankings will be touched also.


Here also were made some pretty big steps.
Baldicue did their third contest and went from a 35th place to a nice 17th place.
BBQ Wiesel was able to climb up 5 places in the overall ranking and Southern Dutch BBQ came from a 28th place right into the top 10 overall rankings.
The first, second and third place are stil in the hands of the same teams, only the number one improved the scores with seven points.


Check out where you or your favorite team is stated in the rankings.

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